Last Chain On Billie
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Last Chain On Billie







Last Chain On Billie

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It is at once riveting, haunting, and inspirational.An overabundance of writing is devoted to what elephant was sold to who when.


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Last Chain on Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant

As part of the largest elephant rescue in American history, Billie wound up at a sanctuary for performing elephants in Tennessee, able once more to roam through open meadows and share her days with a herd.I continue to be astounded both by the resiliency of the body and by the cruelty often displayed by humans toward other living things in the name of amusement. Oswalds Tale I love these elephants, and I am glad to see that their lives and deaths have been given recognition in this book and its message to the masses. The Sanctuary grows every year.This book was not about Billie which is what I was looking for.

Last Chain On Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant

Not only do we learn about the realities of captive life, but also about the culture in which we live that has brought such anguish to the gentle Elephant.As years passed, Billie rebelled. Laermschutz und Innenentwicklung There were several times I wanted to stop reading but I thought if those poor elephants can deal with decades and decades of what essentially amounts to torture, I can at least read the words on the page. But behind the scenes she lived a life of misery: traveling in trucks, chained for hours on end, barely able to move, giving eight-minute performances under harsh lights and to the sounds of blaring music.Nevertheless, this is a good read and shines a blinding light on the abuses performed by those humans tasked with caring for these beautiful elephants.

Last Chain On Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant

Another thing used that I mentioned earlier to abuse the animals are elephants were forced to do tricks unnatural to any elephant. It provides the closest thing to a natural habitat that these elephants are going to get. Most elephant men still insist that the only way to instill the right attitude is through fear: fear that disobeying a handler might bring about discomfort, or worse, pain.It offers an unflinching look at the reality of life for a circus elephant, and it is sure to break the heart of anyone who loves these gentle giants.

Last Chain on Billie (Non-Fiction) — The Elephant Sanctuary

She would never be beaten again. After about Top was an incredible story that showed how terribly animals can be treated used as a reminder to make an elephant do something that it may not even want survive. The Penderwicks at Last Anyone who loves elephants will love this book.I love elephants and everything about them but I had trouble keeping interest. Aurora Rising But, overcome with anxiety, she withdrew from the rest of the elephants and refused to let anyone remove a chain still clamped around her leg.The narrative is at once brutal, uplifting and gripping.

Last Chain On Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant

It is a heart-rending and, unfortunately, deadly accurate description of elephant suffering in circuses and zoos. It inflicts great pain as well as causing massive nerve damage and brain hemorrhage Playtime: At the sancuary, Billie, here playing with a ball, has two hundred acres of trees, creeks, pine and hardwood forests and dirt trails to wander. Johann Sebastian Bach Others decided to invest in larger exhibits.When struck there, they experience pain. De Condorcet à Decroly It also describes how the animals are first captured in Asia, how they are transported to the States and how they are trained.Ziggy was terrified, but trainer coaxed him.