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Love Frankie

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This sense of determination and resilience is important for young people to develop and seeing it represented so proudly in the books they enjoy is a wonderful first step.


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Her dad has left her mum for another woman. Wecke den Joker in dir My body is awake, my heart beats wild.This is a lovely tale not just about self discovery, but also about family life and so much more. However, Frankie becomes confused when she wonders whether she wants Sally to be her friend or girlfriend.

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This story is better late than never, and I actually enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. The book centers around 13-year-old tomboy Frankie, whose mother has multiple sclerosis (MS).Unter anderem wurden ein T-Shirt mit FGTH-Logo und ein eigenes Computerspiel zum Kauf angeboten. I connected with the later but every one of her main characters fell in one or the other categories.

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And when our eyes lock, I know this pretty little virgin feels the exact same way. It felt a bit too unresolved for me.She was my hero growing up and I read as many of her books as I could get my hands on. This deals with important issues like being a carer as a child, trying to deal with your sexuality as a teenager and of course trying to survive school life as a teenager.

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Her conversations with her slightly scary big sister and her Sylvanian Family obsessed little sister are lovely, and actually reminded me of my nieces.There were so many different themes that were touched upon sensitively, there were bright moments and there were tough moments. Or even anyone who loves Jacqueline!Frankie was far more forgiving towards Georgia, Marnie, and Sally than any kid would be after enduring their bullying. Libby of High Hopes, Project Blue Ribbon But Frankie starts to wonder whether these feelings she has for Sally are stronger than her other friendships.Frankie and Sally start to develop a friendship after Frankie confessions to Sally about her mum, which then turns into something more between them. Kein schwuler Land I really loved that this book, while mainly about first loves, is also a very family-centered book.Ups being time she spends with her family and her best friend Sammy, and downs being Sally and her gang of bullies at school.