Finding Audrey
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Finding Audrey







Finding Audrey

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Wenn der Inhalt so ist wie der Titel, dann bin ich wirklich froh, dass ich das Buch auf Englisch gelesen habe.Sure people with SAD (Social anxiety disorder) can have crushes, fall in love, get married, everything!


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If any of you are in the same, or similar boat as me, do not be afraid to message me.Am besten haben mir die Kamera Szenen gefallen da musste ich doch das ein oder andere mal schmunzeln. Into Darkness So, yeah, I was expecting this book to be good rep and hopefully give me some sort of comfort and a story to look to for hope when my anxiety got the best of me. But it thrilled me, too.

Finding Audrey: Kinsella, Sophie

I found that extremely irking.I had a great feel 4,5 stars! Orwells England I really applaud and admire Kinsella for picking such an important topic and simplifying it and relating it to young teens. During all of this, reading was my only solace.

Finding Audrey (English Edition) eBook: Kinsella, Sophie

This story is about Audrey,a fifteen year old girl suffering from anxiety disorder after an experience of school bullying that has led her to goin 3,5-4 STARS Audrey, our main character, was a great narrator. I wanted to do everything, see everything.The writing is simple yet it also has a charm appeal to it as I found myself occasionally smiling. Her obsession disturbed me so so much.

Finding Audrey: Kinsella, Sophie: Books

Oh how silly I was!In ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS, Eliza preferred to stay away from her family. This book is a sorry excuse for representation and I can not believe how atrociously the author handled this topic.Kinsella shows recovery from mental illness as a long process of two steps forward and one step back. Der 16. Betrug / Der Club der Ermittlerinnen Bd.16 This was a cute story a girl suffering from an anxiety disorder, and her crazy mother! Ein Dom und sein Künstler I retreated from the world, and I had started to go out less and less.This is just so so wrong.

Finding Audrey | Sophie Kinsella

Like depression is a sitcom with a fun punch line each time.Sophie wrote her first novel under her real name, Madeleine Wickham, at the tender age of 24, whilst she was working as a financial journalist. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the accurate portrayal of anxiety and mental illness here?She now lives in London, UK, with her husband and family. Twelve Nights They made for some hilarious conversation. Die Zeichenkünstlerin von Wien Linus was an okay character.This is a book about social anxiety...