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So my hopes going into reading this were: PLEASE LET THERE BE SOME TIME FOR DANI ALREADY.Too many books, not enough hours in the day!


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It seemed like his character changed to make a potential Dani and Ryodan relationship more palatable. The Dancing Mind That would work for a middle book - but surely this was the end of a series? But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers , the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices.And I was pretty sure we could.

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I kind of wish it had ended with Shadowfever and then she had just continued writing about the other characters, which it appears is what might happen now. Oriental Basics Unfortunately, Mac is now the Sinsar Dubh. I gave this a three because the parts I enjoyed I really loved.The end of the world is upon them, so naturally, things are going to get chaotic!

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Unless, the Song of Making can be found and used. It was like she needed an outlet for her sexual frustration, and there, Dancer.But then people had to go and whine about how annoying Dani was and blah blah blah and Moning caved to them, and then we got stuck with this disappointing hybrid of a spinoff series. Even though I am usually a ryodani woman, seeing someone finally treasure my girl and treat dani with some tenderness made me happy.

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Rape apologists are fucking disgusting, and this book would have been an easy five stars if Mac, and everyone else, told Cruce that, instead of making excuses or putting him on a "lesser evil" scale. I also have some complaints about the so-called Enyo girl.Virtually nothing happened with Christian. I really loved her in this.


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Each installment in the trilogy is a stan Ms. I loved seeing Barrons and Mac being Barrons and Mac.I knew what it was. The Last Thing He Wanted See, I read my first Karen Marie Moning book last November when I stumbled across her Highlander series. Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Checkmate Why would Cruce do that!?He also has the power to manipulate matter and create things, resulting in many people thinking he is God.

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It shudders, flops, and goes limp. Do I regret it?These books are multi-faceted, and every time you pick up new things or grasp the meaning in a new way. 11th Hour And that was a struggle... La Travesia de Enrique I loved Mac all throughout the series, but with this particular book, she has become my number one favorite heroine of all time.And I understand why, now.