The End of Loneliness
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The End of Loneliness







The End of Loneliness

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They could never be just passing strangers.

The End of Loneliness: Wells, Benedict, Collins


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The End of Loneliness: The Dazzling International

It was almost ten meters across, and anyone who slipped and fell was sure to injure themselves.A story about what really matters in our brief time here on earth. Duft-Medizin: Ätherische Öle und ihre therapeutische Anwendung He has emotional issues to work on, to come to terms with the last moments he spent with his father before he was snatched by death.Everything is about to change. It was only clinging on by its front paws and teeth, which were still sunk into the branch.

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Trial and error has become an integral part of his process.Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Books for the advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. Die Zeit und was sie heilt The Author Separated from his parents at age six, Benedict Wells poured his turmoil into The End of Loneliness, a story I KNEW I would like this book.What he most remembers is the hunger, both literal and figurative, that these rudimentary state-run schools induced in him. I spent time going back to try to figure out ages, and I was definitely shaking my head no.


Disclosure : There are Amazon Associate links included within this post.The trio lose their parents in a car accident when Jules is 11, and all move from Munich to boarding school. I made personal notes and re-read sentences, paragraphs and often whole chapters for I felt the complexity of his loneliness so intensely.The character of Jules is very likeable and sympathetic. When their idyllic childhood is shattered by the sudden death of their parents, siblings Marty, Liz and Jules are sent to a bleak state boarding school.


The End of Loneliness: A Novel: Wells, Benedict, Collins

Jules grows to love Alva, but it is unrequited and the book shares how he and his siblings go on coping with what life hands them even though his sister yearns and grasps for more out of life.Their relationship unfurls over the next 30 years, before a fatal illness strikes. Brimming with philosophical ruminations, insurmountable truths, and penetrating insights, it explores grief, life and death, camaraderie, yearning, solitude, and dreams of the lives forgone.This story serves to remind us to jump on in to those rare moments of connection. Der Fürst (Il Principe) He then flashes back to his past, and the reader follows he and his siblings as they are delivered to a just barely serviceable boarding school. Stormbreaker How the heart can be nourished and torn apart, leaving us with an unforgettable and emotional journey.I pulled the mask off the face of Fate, and all I found beneath it was chance.

Vom Ende der Einsamkeit by Benedict Wells

But there are good times too, successes and moments of pure unadulterated happiness.This book thoroughly absorbed me. Sunbeams on the tiled floor of the parlor.This is a such a well written story that I found myself totally immersed in the grief of Jules, Marty and Liz Moreau, so much so that I cried at times with them and for them. Virginia Woolf: Jacobs Room, Night and Day, The Voyage Out & Monday or Tuesday What follows is a tender story that, as is characteristic of Jules, looks back on how past actions affect the present day. Friends without benefits / Knitting in the City Bd.2 Like a castaway tirelessly turning the dials of a wireless, hoping finally to chance upon a voice.They were separated from each other while there and for the youngest, Jules..