Scars Like Wings
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Scars Like Wings

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The balance between protecting your feelings and reaching out for help is important.Erin Stewart, Scars Like Wings, Published on October, 3rd, 2019 by Delacorte.


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Scars Like Wings by Erin Stewart - Goodreads

This book has truly touched my heart. The Crown & the Arrow Gone are her parents. But one of my favourite things about this book was the amazing support that the author gave Ava, in her aunt and uncle.However, as the plot progressed, the novel turned away from Ava dealing with her injuries, and centered around the relationship between Ava, Piper and Kenzie.

Book Review: Scars Like Wings {Erin Stewart} - Book Coffee

Scars Like Wings is a story about Ava that lost her parents in a horrific house fire. 366 mal Hoffnung Ava and Piper are characters of contrast, Ava wants to remain as inconspicuous as possible, Piper is self deprecating and uses humour to make antagonisers and detractors feel uncomfortable. I was a million things.We feel her pain as she tries to fit in and learn how to deal with the loss of her family.

Scars Like Wings - Underlined

This is a well-written and poignant novel.That being said, the story itself is uplifting, and it made me laugh and smile, as much as it made me want to sob. Asad was another really nice addition to the story, this quirky, fun, theater-geek friend that somehow was always compassionate and just wonderful. Scars Like Wings is a gentle and healing narrative, to not merely survive but to endure, to exist and to live again.

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I enjoyed my journey throughout the book.Cora squeals and awkwardly side-hugs me, careful not to apply too much pressure to disrupt the all-important healing process. There are parts of the story that lagged for me and were very young.Once an outgoing and popular girl, Ava has become a recluse, completing her education through correspondence and reluctantly attending group counselling appointments for adolescents who have survived tragedy and trauma. Phillips Bilder It was so heartbreaking. Biblische Geschichten By the time the truth was revealed it actually made even more sense to me why it had to be this person.Her left thumb is actually her transplanted big toe.