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Anne Frank

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It consists of the Opekta warehouse and offices and the Achterhuis, all unfurnished so that visitors can walk freely through the rooms.


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This hiding place became known as the Achterhuis (translated into "Secret Annex" in English editions of the diary). Stein und Flöte Silberbauer provided a full account of events, even recalling emptying a briefcase full of papers onto the floor. An Samstagen bis 22:00 Uhr.

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Mit Filzstift hat er daraufgeschrieben: "Geliebt und unvergessen. Retrieved 17 April 2012.Anne stayed with her grandmother until February, when the family was reunited in the Netherlands. Sehen Sie selbst, wie Anne, ihre Familie und andere Menschen versteckt vor der deutschen Besatzungsmacht lebten.Es ist ihre Botschaft.

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She had kept all these feelings to herself". Edith Frank stopped eating, saving every morsel of food for her daughters and passing her rations to them through a hole she made at the bottom of the infirmary wall.Each year, a writer who is unable to write freely in his or her own country is selected for a year-long tenancy, during which they reside and write in the apartment. They determined that the paper, glue, and ink were readily available during the time the diary was said to have been written.She was soon made aware that most people were gassed upon arrival and never learned that the entire group from the Achterhuis had survived this selection.

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Anne Frank was niet alleen.With the other women and girls not selected for immediate death, Frank was forced to strip naked to be disinfected, had her head shaved, and was tattooed with an identifying number on her arm. Edith Frank died of starvation at Auschwitz in January 1945. Meteor Otto Frank later commented that he had not realized Anne had kept such an accurate and well-written record of their time in hiding. Leben und Schicksale des Katers Rosaurus oder die kleine Prinzessin und ihre Katze Gena Turgel, a survivor of Bergen Belsen, knew Anne Frank at the camp.