Kubernetes in Action
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Kubernetes in Action

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It helps to understand each concept before it introduces a new one.


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If I miss something from the book it is Rancher: While the last chapter discusses briefly systems built on top of Kubernetes, namely OpenShift, Deis Workflow (no support, final release in 2017) and Helm, another very popular platform, Rancher, has been left out, although I had very good experiences with it. The Healing Code But until I moved into my current company I never had any chance to actually use Docker, not to speak of Kubernetes. I particularly appreciate how the author explains how something like deploying a new version of an app is done manually first, since it illustrates what K8s does under the hood.Sure, Kubernetes has changed a lot since the time this book was authored but the fundamentals remain almost the same.

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But the way it is explained makes the reading pleasant and interesting. Babysitting Nightmares: The Twilight Curse Is it used mostly by using additional products on top (like Openshift). The extras in the end are also a worthwhile read.Sure, Kubernetes has changed a lot since the time this book was authored but the fundamentals remain almost the same.

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This book filled holes and connected dots that I needed like nothing else. It starts with the basics, but progresses very quickly. Is it used in a raw version?

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Who should attend OpenShift has been around much longer than Kubernetes. Please note that this book was published in Decemb Pretty good introduction to Kubernetes, covers most of the resources you need to know about with clear, sensible explanations. Part I: First time on a boat: Introduction to Kubernetes This repository contains all the code (and some additional files) from the Kubernetes in Action, 2nd Edition book.

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It is massive (600 pages) and goes into a lot of details.However, the first edition uses kubernetes 1. I was particularly happy to see all the different ways you can interact with Kubernetes, including the kubectl CLI, the REST API, local proxying, SSH, ambassador containers, and so on. Girl On Fire Im weiteren Verlauf der mehr als 600 Seiten wird es dann detaillierter.It also demonstrates how K8s solved so many hard ops problems, and the genius of Declaratively describing the desired state and having K8s work towards it. Babysitting Bandit A very recommendable book if one wants to learn about Kubernetes.A piece which is maybe missing is some context on how Kubernetes in used on the market.