The Underground Culinary Tour
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The Underground Culinary Tour







The Underground Culinary Tour

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Learn more about Damian at damianmogavero.After earning an MBA from Harvard, he went on to found a company that develops cutting-edge technology in collecting restaurant data that can track EVERYTHING.


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The Underground Culinary Tour: How the New Metrics of

Through The Underground Culinary Tour, Damian allows you to join him on the exhilarating (and exhausting) tours that he has hosted to highlight great work going on across our industry.The two chapters devoted to the titular tour are mouthwatering, the New Orleans chapter genuinely moving, the chapters on celebrity chefs and waitstaff scams illuminating. Expertise Hüfte Those invited, chefs mostly, get ferried around in a coach and should their appetites flag, then there is always alcohol until they get them back. Mogavero describes such restaurateurs as the New Guard, and their approach to their art and craft is radically different from that of their predecessors.

The Underground Culinary Tour: How the New Metrics of

They live in the wilderness and move with the seasons.Many of the finest chefs, big and small restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, etc. The Sword of the Spirits When I enter a restaurant, I know I will look at things a bit differently now that I have some insider knowledge. The end result is a book that feels of the moment but whose short-term focus denies it the sort of lasting impact it would likely want to possess.

The Underground Culinary Tour by Damian Mogavero, Joseph D

This can make the book seem a little disjointed at times and almost could be two separate books. And, overal Brilliant dissection of the business - and the magic - of eating and drinking establishments. In the past 10 years, the restaurant industry has seen an influx of technology, all promising to impact the bottom line.

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In my younger years I worked in several restaurants, and it was always interesting to see the overall run of the places.I would surmise the author just might get some new customers for his software after reading this book. Entrepreneur Damian Mogavero created the software that makes restaurants tick.This book will help you find the Holy Grail of the restaurant business - a healthier check average tied to a happier customer. Der Wanderer / Die Magie der tausend Welten Bd.2 Sixteen years ago, entrepreneur Damian Mogavero brought together an unlikely mix of expertschefs and code writersto create a pioneering software company whose goal was to empower restaurateurs, through the use of data, to elevate and enhance the guest experience.Cook travels and hunts with them in a riveting, crazy undertaking, told in often-poetic prose. Sula Or anyone in the food industry.