Public Enemy Number Two
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Public Enemy Number Two







Public Enemy Number Two

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Snape, who survived the crash uninjured, is intent on arresting Powers and his gang, but the roof of the underground then collapses.


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Public Enemy Number Two by Anthony Horowitz: 9780142402184

But he is still determined to find the Fence, in the hope of using him to barter his freedom.On a school field trip to Woburn Abbey, Nick is framed for attempting to steal the Woburn Carbuncles, and despite his attempts to evade police, arrested and sentenced to 18 months at Strangeday Hall. The Story of Joan of Arc He gets his way out but ends up in an even worse situation. And a little before the "bad guy" was revealed, I had already anticipated about who it was going to be.

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He said that this thing going on in London,that on the North, East, South, West, there are gangs and they call it their territory.I enjoyed it a lot. The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II and The Power The exposition of the story is a boy named Nick gets asked to help the police. My only reason for giving it 4.

Public Enemy Number Two by Anthony Horowitz

Nick and Tim go there and discover a secret entrance to a tunnel, which Johnny lost Nick through.One reason I really liked this book was because the crime and lies. He used to work as a policeman but did more damage than the real criminals. This book felt like a fast action flick with lots of unbelievable circumstances and hilarious situations.

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One big challenge was keeping up with the clues that Nick finds.After the police finally catch him he is put in jail. Tim on the other hand is the total opposite of his younger brother. Now I do not find that Chris...

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He has done so many bad things that he is probably never going to get out of jail. They ask Nick if he would like to go to Strangeday Hall, an institution for criminals aged under 18, and befriend inmate Johnny Powers, a gang leader known as "Public Enemy Number One" following his recent conviction and 15-year prison sentence for armed robbery.You also got to concentrate on how Johny and his mom speakes because they have a little of an Irish accent. Freaks and Revelations Public Enemy Number Two is the second book in Diamond Brothers series. Wie Sand in meinen Händen After making his way out onto the street, he is then captured by henchmen of Big Ed, who later tie him to a train track, intending for him to be killed by a train.He dismisses the whole class except Nick, who realises that Palis wants to kill him.

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Just as the other books in the series it is full of dark humour and scenes of peril, and I loved every minute of it. Clearly, Nick is stealing the scene as a hero.This Public Enemy a dead to rights shadow of my bloody flashback. Kudo Kids: The Mystery of the Masked Medalist I recommend this book for kids of all ages. After the Fall So when I got my hands on Public Enemy Number Two I was over joyed.Snape, who survived the crash uninjured (and had also rescued Nick when he was tied to the railway track), is intent on arresting Powers and his gang, but the roof of the underground den collapses.