The Guilty
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The Guilty

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It actually pains me to write this about someone who had once been one of my favorite authors.Retrieved 2 March 2019.


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Some at the hands of Robie and Reel.He is highly successful, disciplined and never misses his target. Laufen With Blue Man showing up at the end, it really just brings the whole working dynamic they all have together.A very poignant, action-packed page turner. Retrieved 20 June 2020.I hate when that happens!

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When Robie tries to help, his father responds only with anger and defiance.You just need to guess, but at the beginning it gives you a free win. Benjamin Franklin While home on rest leave, the Blue Man tells Will that his estranged father has been arrested for murder.This story is unlike any other in the series due to the fact there is no government mission for Will and Jessica to undertake and no international conspiracy at work. Lots of things go wrong in the small Mississippi town and there is more going on than what you think.Strings of stories that made no sense that he pulls together at the very end into a simply horrific overdone ending.

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As he begins to investigate, as he meets characters ranging fron seedy and dangerous, and a very different side of his old stomping grounds begins to emerge. The mystery itself is a massive adventure and journey full of dead ends and surprising turns, with new reveals doled out at regular intervals as the story builds to its shocking conclusion, a spectacular double-twist climax that will leave even the most jaded thriller readers impressed. I must say the ending was a complete surprise to me.David Baldacci has again delivered a great read.