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Natural Selection

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The most prominent example of evolutionary psychology, notably advanced in the early work of Noam Chomsky and later by Steven Pinker, is the hypothesis that the human brain has adapted to acquire the grammatical rules of natural language. Totendamm Charles Darwin popularised the term "natural selection", contrasting it with artificial selection, which in his view is intentional, whereas natural selection is not.Natural selection is seen in action in the development of antibiotic resistance in microorganisms. Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man: The Darwinian Pivot.This gave dark-coloured moths a better chance of surviving to produce dark-coloured offspring, and in just fifty years from the first dark moth being caught, nearly all of the moths in industrial Manchester were dark.

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If a specific site experiences strong and persistent purifying selection, linked variation tends to be weeded out along with it, producing a region in the genome of low overall variability. Retrieved 12 January 2010. In the past, most changes in the genetic material were considered neutral or close to neutral because they occurred in noncoding DNA or resulted in a synonymous substitution.New preface by Edward O.

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The polymorphism at the human ABO blood group locus has been explained in this way. English naturalist Charles Darwin developed the idea of natural selection after a five-year voyage to study plants, animals, and fossils in South America and on islands in the Pacific.Gene frequencies tend to remain constant from generation to generation when disturbing factors are not present. Attachment-Informed Grief Therapy Natural selection moderates the disorganizing effects of these processes because it multiplies the incidence of beneficial mutations over the generations and eliminates harmful ones, since their carriers leave few or no descendants. Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeit Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.Natural selection had the power, according to Stephen Jay Gould, to "dethrone some of the deepest and most traditional comforts of Western thought", such as the belief that humans have a special place in the world.

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Consciousness Explained (1st ed. Evolution often occurs as a consequence of this process.Baltimore, MD: University Park Press. Bloodlines (book 1) Wield devastating weaponry as a Frontiersman marine, or become the xenomorph as a deadly Kharaa lifeform. Conflict of the Ages (The Complete Series) Ronald Fisher developed the required mathematical language and wrote The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection (1930).Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates.