Acts of Desperation
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Acts of Desperation







Acts of Desperation

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What I truly love about this book is the closure at the end.


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It will satisfy your appetite for drama, suspense and erotic romance. The Long List Anthology: More Stories from the Hugo Award Nomination List I loved the strength of the women in the book as well as the strong family bond and dedication that was portrayed. The constant, I want to keep turning pages feel was defintely there.

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I was so engulfed in this book the first night I read until I fell asleep I woke to reaching to read more. Friction Usually 1st time authors can come across a little raw in their writing but Ms. After explaining the ending my grandson asked if I read this on my kindle and I said yes, he then asked if he could read the book.

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I highly recommend this read! I literally screamed at my Kindle!!Nothing was cured, except that the patient became addicted to the medication. Thank you for that shower where I stood across from you crying.The epilogue left no stone unturned.

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Sarah is in the middle of a divorce with her attorney husband whom she has found out that he has lead a double life for the entire duration of their marriage.I was lost in this book from page one I cried, laughed, gasped, and got so angry throughout the book. This book is based on true life events!!The book was fun and a quick read. Kemet Will true love win in the end? Biker Dreams The main characters are two sisters, Sember and Sarah.I love a story that has me laughing, crying and wanting more all at the same time.

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Jax is hiding something from his past and Sember knows that in order for them to have a future, they need to lay all cards on the table.This fast paced story had me on an emotional roller coaster full of peaks, valleys that had me glued to my screen. Family, love, hate, mystery, suspense, and romance.The theme of fate becomes an unexpected underpinning to the nearly-two-hour feature, and even the viewer may begin to question their own realities. ReMade: The Complete Season 1 There is lots of suspense, romance, steamy sex, drama, and revenge. Staatsfeind I love when that happens!!Terdapat berbagai macam jenis film mulai dari film satuan, film seri, film pendek dengan berbagai genre seperti action, adventure, animasi, horror, thriller dan masih banyak lagi.