Federico Moreno Torroba
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Federico Moreno Torroba

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The Sonatina is a modern classic of the guitar repertoire, but many pieces on this comprehensive collection are hardly known and currently unavailable in the record catalogues such as the four Rafagas on CD2, composed for guitar quartet.

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Ana Vidovic plays Sonatina by Federico Moreno Torroba

CS1 maint: archived copy as title ( link) , "Archived copy".Directing several opera companies, Moreno Torroba helped introduce the zarzuela to international audiences. Maskerade September 1982 ebenda) war ein spanischer Komponist.Zarzuela aus dem 19. Archived from the original on 2011-07-24.

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Erst mit den Vorbereitungen zur 500-Jahr-Feier zur Entdeckung Amerikas (1982) erinnerte man sich an das musikalische Erbe.Although he did not play the guitar himself he had a deep understanding of the instrument, according to the virtuoso Pepe Romero. The Kill List Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.By the end of his life he had composed over 100 works for the guitar, many of them strongly influenced by Spanish folk music. He achieved his greatest success in the 1930s with the zarzuelas Luisa Fernanda (1932) and La Chulapona (1934).

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Moreno Torroba eventually attended the Conservatory, studying composition with Conrado del Campo. The Italian guitarist Angelo Colone has won particular acclaim for his performances and recordings of music by his countrymen such as Gilardino and Petrassi, but he is also an accomplished advocate for the works of Spanish and Latin American composers.Archived from the original on 2011-07-28. Performed with great warmth and feeling for the idiom by Angelo Colone, one of the leading Italian guitarists and student of the legendary Alirio Diaz.He is often associated with the zarzuela, a traditional Spanish musical form.

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Segundo semestre de 1982. Having recorded this unique collection between 2016 and 2019, he also contributes a booklet essay full of personal insight into the world of Moreno Torroba.Although Moreno-Torroba wrote in many musical genres he is mostly famous for his guitar works. I Knew U Were Trouble Like his long-lived contemporary Joaquin Rodrigo, Moreno-Torroba builds a bridge between landscape and soundscape. The Target The Puertas de Madrid and the Suite Castellana translate the people and landscapes of Spain into evocative tone-poems, but there is a great deal of no less attractive, typically Spanish writing in apparently abstract works such as the collection of Eight Preludes.The composer who was identified from the beginning with the phalanx, to be on the national side.