The Dragonfly Pool
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The Dragonfly Pool

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This has since cast a new light on my experience of reading this book.


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The journey is full of mystery, uncertainty and some danger, but they overcome this by the end of the story. Lektüreschlüssel. George Orwell: 1984 This is just a smidgen insulting and never fails to raise my hackles when I come across it. Although the battle between good and evil is painted with a broad brush, Ibbotson treats most issues with a wise, subtle, and always humorous touch.When I was the same age as her intended audience, I would have loved the book with no reservations.

The Dragonfly Pool: Ibbotson, Eva, Oberman

After arriving, unwillingly at Delderton, she helps the school go to a dance festival in Bergania, where she meets Prince Karil. Werke 08: Werke aus den Jahren 1909-1913 Wearing stuffy suits and attending formal celebrations are all things he hates. But Delderton Hall is not just any school.She has gripping kid-friendly writing down to an art.

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It is said that the actress Tilda Swinton refuses to act in the Harry Potter movies because they romanticize the boarding school experience.I particularly liked the little details such as the descriptions of the Delderton valley. She almost always has a female character that is innately good. Details such as this do not grow on trees.

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There are no real consequences in her world and everything feels staged and unreal.I think that would have worked better. Kit goes off to boarding school as World War II threatens Britain. And I did like them both, but that was all.

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I picked it up because I have been hearing many good things about Eva Ibbotson for a while now but I had not yet run into one of her books in a library. Eva Ibbotson is so great! Das Loch Tally, as it turns out, is the last to know.Another offspring of classism is where you chose to send your children to school. Four: A Divergent Collection The delightful adorable spinster aunts,the worried and over worked parent, the child who is helpful and sweet.