The Other Mrs Walker
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The Other Mrs Walker

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Too many jumps from past to present, so many names and people that it was annoying to go to and fro.The timeline can be confusing and the ending is unsatisfactory, but the narrative held my attention and portrays a picture of some of the hidden horrors of wartime London.


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The Other Mrs Walker : Mary Paulson-Ellis : 9781447293927

The journey starts in the 1930s and centres on the London of the Blitz. Bilder der Rechtsprechung Walker, on the other hand, probaby died because of alcohol. Too many jumps from past to present, so many names and people that it was annoying to go to and fro.While I personally found few of the characters especially likable, and would have preferred an orange that was a little sweeter, there will be many readers who revel in the tangy intricacy of segments and pips that Paulson-Ellis handles so well.

The Other Mrs Walker: Paulson-Ellis, Mary

An old lady dies alone and unheeded in a cold Edinburgh flat on a snowy Christmas night. Das Mal I got the feeling that many families although not having the exact same story, there are many that have similar skeletons lurking in cupboards which share some of the same elements. The picture painted of humanity is mordant, yet the girls in the story retain an affecting hopefulness as each works to escape the incarceration of their circumstances.In terms of the setting, the author also paints a pretty bleak picture of Edinburgh.

The Other Mrs Walker by Mary Paulson-Ellis | Waterstones

There is mystery here and death certainly but, though we, the readers have been given little windows into the history, the central character, Margaret, has no such knowledge.There is a sense of isolation in the lives lived, a depth of sadness in what is left behind be it people or things. There is also a lot of paedophilia (and I mean a LOT), and as a child abuse survivor myself the overly romanticised descriptions of some of the moments of abuse really irked me, as they were often written as though the children were enjoying or commanding the situations themselves.Faced with relying on a resentful mother she has never really known, Margaret soon finds herself employed by the Office for Lost People, tasked with finding the families of the dead: the neglected, the abandoned, the lost. How likely is it that the dead old lady she is sent to trace, a Mrs Walker, is actually closely related?

The Other Mrs Walker by Mary Paulson-Ellis

So I made up a story to explain.I enjoyed this mechanic, which is why this review is two stars instead of one. I was lucky enough to read this in one hit and so got swept along in the storyline from London to snowy Edinburgh and from one claustrophobic household to another, and I loved every minute of it. Beneath the Lions Gaze: A Novel But it is necessary to accept it if the search, which is the main point of the novel, is to have any meaning.I was delighted to find that the comparison was apt. The Sea Detective Penny has had a difficult relationship with her mother, which is probably why upon first arrival in Edinburgh, she sleeps burying her broken past, with her doubt-filled future in a junk-filled room, shaped like a box, after offering to broker peace with her mother, unsympathetically aided by a nearly empty bottle of rum.Objects -- a coronation penny, a china cherub missing an arm, a Brazil nut carved with the text of the Ten Commandments--appear in vignettes stretching back in time and between various characters.

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It reminded me of Kate Atkinson, particularly her Jackson Brodie novels - part mystery, part family drama and lots of just brilliant observation.She wallows in grief and self-pity until all her money runs out. A woman has died in the district and the Office of Lost Persons needs someone to try to identify the woman. Heart Fire She is not given a warm welcome, or even a proper bed but given that she feels she has no choice except to leave London, she has to take the scant comfort on offer.She secures employment gathering information in order to track down relatives of those who have died alone. Flight of the Dragon Kyn I really enjoyed that the truth was revealed in small snippets, through a series of flashbacks that travel back and forth between the thirties and the present.Many were inspired by things I had grown up with, or been given.