The Secret Keeper
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The Secret Keeper







The Secret Keeper

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Laurel turned from the mirror and nibbled a snag of fingernail.In regards to historical fiction, I felt the author did her homework about London during the blitz.


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The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton - Goodreads

When the police interviewed her mother, Laurel admits to seeing everything.Old letters and postcards drop from the pages of forgotten books. Führung The story flashes back and forth between 1940 and present day. Over 1200 pages is a little too much, and I felt the story could have been easily trimmed down.I was that excited.

The Secret Keeper by Susan Lewis - Goodreads

Considering that the next full moon was still two weeks away, that was a very bad sign.Rchmond is acting stressed all the time. Führung She needed to keep it close. This is my first Susan Lewis book I have read and throughly thought that it was very good.Her character development is beautifully done and her ability to have the reader travel back and forth between eras is accomplished smoothly and effortlessly. The Secret Keeper (Audible Audio Edition

I know Kate Morton is Australian but because the book was set in England it really needed English accents.Remus followed James silently. Kate Morton tells the most fantastic stories.The Secret Keeper blew my mind. The big reveal at the end completely surprised me!Kate Morton rocketed to my absolute favorite author list last year on the strength of The Distant Hours and The Forgotten Garden, but this latest novel absolutely cements and guarantees her continued place there.

The Secret Keeper: Morton, Kate: Fremdsprachige

Kate Morton wrote an amazing book and I loved every second of it.I often read (or listen to) a book and am grateful for the gift of great authors and the stories they share with us. A mystery of a little girl who witnesses her mother kill a man.This book has something to tempt readers who enjoy genres such as romance, mystery and murder. Forever . . . But this one started right of with a slasher murder.It is a real keeper! Extreme Sicherheit Her investigation takes her back to the London of 1941, when her mother was youn No spoilers.The only downside was that the ending came entirely too soon.