Borrowing Blue
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Borrowing Blue

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I loved that even though this is a super fast insta-love sort of story, I totally bought into it.Really liked this one!


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Borrowing Blue: Made Marian Series Book 1 - Kindle edition

Lennox and I must say I was happily impressed. Paddington (Read Aloud) I swear I could listen to Tristan all day.I can see the extreme talent and the incredible sense of humor of the author. There was some cheesy dialogue here and there.Love is a fucking inferno that ignites when you least expect it and lights you up inside.

Borrowing Blue von Lucy Lennox | ISBN 978-3-96089-377-6

Tristan encourages Blue with his sculpting, which no one had ever done before. Well, the amateurish writing made it wrong.It was all rather boring. Ma il matrimonio della sorella di Blue con il fratello di Tristan complica la situazione.This was written with a lot of humor.

Borrowing Blue (Made Marian, #1) by Lucy Lennox

I had high hopes for this.This book was not trying to be overly funny, but its subtle humor was therefore even more enjoyable. But what starts out as lending a new friend a helping hand by kissing him in front of his ex to show the ex that Blue is just fine without him...... Revenge Quindi ok, facciamo un patto: una settimana.Blue was stunned by this beautiful man with dark hair and gray eyes, and a dimple. The Screwtape Letters: Annotated Edition I started reading this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review.And when the author finally made attempts to add voice and peculiarity to the characters, this is what happened: This was written with a lot of humor.

Borrowing Blue: A Made Marian Novel (Hörbuch-Download

Their chemistry was palpable from page one and even though I would consider this story heavy on the sappy and flufftastic feels, I gobbled every second of it up and relished in their cuteness.Turns out Tristan is not as straight as Blue thought he was, because they end the night together in bed... Not giving this 5 stars because I needed more angst and some parts made me roll my eyes a little, but it worked for me. Preppy - Er wird dich verraten / King Bd.5 I kept laughing out loud.Borrowing Blue is the first in the new Made Marian series. Deep Storm There is one friend of mine that I really really respect and usually whenever she gives 5 stars to books, I make sure to read them and when she gave 2 stars or lower, I skip those books.Lucy Lennox is now a definite one-click author for me.