A Perfect Peace
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A Perfect Peace







A Perfect Peace

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Even though I think that this book was a rewarding experience, I still feel that that experience was lacking.


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Could he ever be like other boys? Sisters of Lucifer 2 I thought Daniel did a good job making 3 dimensional characters with real and distinct personalities. The character development was fantastic!

A Perfect Peace - Kindle edition by Oz, Amos. Literature

In 1940 when Emma Jean Peace decided to raise her 7th boy, as a little girl, she never dreamed of the repercussions, that she and her family would have to endure.Emma Jean DROPS A BOMB that ridicules the family and washes Swamp Creek and Gus with confusion. However what makes this novel appealing is its way of narrating some chapters by the different personas, thus giving a reader a whole range of perspectives, and offering a story that is rich in ideas, less naive and more active. It is set in Israel, yet its story will grip readers everywhere.This book made me mad, happy, sad and sympathetic.

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I had the analogy backwards!I never once mixed up any of the brothers which is a true feat, lol. I only wish Goodreads allows us to give 10 stars to a novel.At times, He was brave for the fearful, the faithful for those living in disbelief. Will & Will As the quirky kibbutzniks pursue, or evade, their own needs, news reports in the background speak of impending war but the story ends just before war breaks out.Everyone has their burden to bare but what happens when you put it on an innocent child? The Listening Path The idea that a mother could just decide to assign a gender to her child is mindboggling, but that is the exact premise of this novel.