Dangerous Kiss
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Dangerous Kiss

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Again, she triumphs in love and business, with enough violence in her wake to make Mickey Spillane shudder.

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Ethan, however, was having none of it and gave her an ultimatum.Being an audiobook listener and not reading often, I have been waiting for Crystal Kaswell to hopefully put out a book on audio! Exile from Eden The story is written through the eyes of a multitude of characters, each different but unique.The two teens that did the carjacking, their story could have been a bit shorter. You quickly become accustomed to their each individual life stories.Just personal I think.

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I really liked Lina and laughed aloud at some of her dialogue.You quickly become accustomed to their each individual life stories. Herzleuchten / Herzflüstern Bd.2 This is my unbiased and voluntary review.Each of the four main books in this series are standalones. She was strong and clever and was no blushing virgin.Ethan was completely unwilling.

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I was also surprised at the quality of the writing and the depth of emotion present. I think having Lucky and Lennie navigate this new expansion of their family would have been fascinating. Carlo and Duke are horrible people, reminiscent of horrible men in the last two books.I truly love Lucky as a character.

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Handsome, kind, and unassuming, Mr. I know everyone is supposed to be rooting for Lucky, but she pissed me off with the way she treated Lennie after she found out about Claudia. My only complaint with Violet is her failure to communicate with Ethan throughout the middle part of the novel.After two years Ethan and Violet meet up again and of course all these feelings come back.

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Gray was no savior, but a very dangerous man.... The type of information that could have saved her mother.Either she lives his dream or walks away and lives her own. Das Leben in vollen Zügen But i am excited about reading the rest of the series. Vereinsrecht It seemed a bit lame.

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I felt that the previous series had a bit more of a storyline playing out alongside the romance bit. I loved that we get to see bits and pieces of what they are doing now.She could probably have her pick of any man she wants. The Worst of All Possible Worlds She is also the perfect feminist character we needed! Cut Back And her having his kid just added to this.